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Online marketing knowhow 'essential for website design'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Companies that are launching a website have been advised to make sure they are familiar with various aspects of online marketing.

According to independent online consultant Patricia Davidson, knowledge of search engine optimization is especially important for web-based retailers in particular.

This, she said, is because websites that are not properly optimized will not perform well in internet searches.

As a result, a business could miss out on a valuable opportunity to raise their online profile and increase their conversion rates.

"Setting [search engine optimization] up for an ecommerce site is time-intensive and there is no quick fix, but it is essential," Ms Davidson commented.

Companies were also encouraged to have plenty of images on their website and make sure it is easy to navigate and search for items.

Ms Davidson said making it simple to use a website is better than being "over clever", as it helps to ensure customers know exactly how to find particular products.

Posted by Paul Newton