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Online resources 'should be used' to compliment direct mail

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers looking to participate in direct mail campaigns have been advised to look online for postal mailing list addresses.

Writing for Target Marketing Magazine, Gary Hennerburg says an increasing number of businesses are taking advantage of the growing number of address data lists that can be found on the internet.

He recommends the use of a combined approach - both internet and direct mail - as the ideal way to target an audience.

Mr Hennerburg shrugs off the myth that online address data lists were age-sensitive, claiming that plently of information can be found on consumers of all ages.

He added in the article: "These results point to evidence that says a multimedia approach - online and direct mail - can work together to produce results no matter the age of the consumer and source of the names."

The article compliments another written for the magazine which stated that in order to be successful this year, marketers must "spread their wings" and try new methods of reaching customers.