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Online retailers urged to focus on 'delivery and logistics'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses looking to improve their ecommerce operations have be told to focus on delivery and logistics.

This is according to the latest Global E-Commerce Delivery Report 2011, which noted that efficiency is key when it comes to high levels of customer service.

In the US, some traditional retailers seek to compete with the efficiency of online retailers such as Amazon by creating new possibilities to process online orders also at their retail shops, the report added.

To this end, the most popular advertising method to boost ecommerce during holiday periods is to offer free shipping.

Competition is also an important factor within the ecommerce environment.

Sarah Cordey, a spokesperson for the BRC, noted earlier this year that the increase in ecommerce websites has made it easier for consumers to compare prices on their home computers.

She pointed out that a vast majority of high street stores now boast an online presence, highlighting their importance in the modern market.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler