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Open source CRM 'the future'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A new report has highlighted the importance of open source technology in the development of customer relationship management (CRM) strategies.

According to figures from IDC, open source technology is becoming increasingly important in CRM initiatives because it can provide a cheap and straightforward way for businesses to discover the best ways to meet their customers' needs.

Although the study focussed on the Asia/Pacific region, it shows the growing value of open source CRM solutions and many businesses in the US are also adopting the approach.

Computer World has recently suggested that businesses in the US need to begin rethinking their approach to CRM, given the proliferation of new technologies that have arrived over the past year, most notably social media.

Websites such as Facebook and Twitter have become hugely popular, but businesses need to consider how best to integrate these new developments with existing, proven success stories such as direct mail campaigns.

Open source CRM may fit into this category of a promising development that is in need of being properly assessed to fit into a wider scheme, in which address data quality will remain important.