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Optimize direct mail in every way, marketers told

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers hoping to take advantage of direct mail services have been reminded of the importance that optimizing their correspondence "in every possible way" has.

Helping to keep existing customers interested in products and services, as well as building a new customer base can be achieved through the use of direct mail, has claimed.

The news could be of interest to marketers thinking of utilizing address verification software to ensure that their correspondence gets to the right customers.

"Your mailings should be attractive and informative. The main aim is to keep your company in the top of their mind without annoying your target with overwhelming them with what they may perceive as junk mail," the firm explained.

"A good offer that is eye catching with a good call to action which promises value will motivate people to respond." also highlighted the inexpensive nature of direct mail communications, as well as the marketing strategies past successes at getting messages to a large client base.

Posted by Paul Newman