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Optimize your email marketing messages for deliverability

Rachel Wheeler Archive

All marketing teams understand that their advertising spending on email campaigns is void if it never makes it to the consumers' inbox. They probably also know many of the reasons behind deliverability failure, such as poorly crafted subject lines, vague sender addresses and blasts that weren't personalized with recipients' information. One thing they may not be aware of is that contact data quality can help an email make it to a person's email account or give ISPs a reason to question their reputability. 

Poor address management leaves marketers' contact lists full of decayed data. Abandoned email addresses, incorrect personal titles and outdated contact information are all forms of content that can impact the success of an email marketing campaign and even lower customer satisfaction. 

Recipients don't want their inboxes filled with messages selling them things they don't need, reports iMedia Connection. They only want to receive offers for items they usually buy or are likely interested in, which is all information marketing firms have access to now that they have jumped on the big data band wagon. 

However, there are additional tactics businesses can implement to increase the chances that consumers will read their well-crafted newsletters and promotions, eConsultancy points out. Using pre-headers to give sneak peaks of content, balancing images with text and leveraging a solid keyword strategy can also optimize deliverability.