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Organizational change needed for data management success

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations looking to run master data management initiatives need to ensure that they implement a culture of organizational change throughout a business.

Information Management reports that a large number of projects come to a “staggering halt” or fail because they have not been equipped to deal with the organizational change which is needed.

“Master data by its very nature spans the entire organization, and a program addressing master data is almost by definition disruptive to that organization,” the article said.

“However, disruptive does not need to equal destructive. The change needs to be managed or you jeopardize the master data management effort.”

The news provider argues that in order for any master data management project to be successful it must tackle the root cause of the problem.

Indeed, it added that to avoid repeating a data cleansing effort indefinitely, it is necessary to provide a solution which will improve both data quality and information management.

Posted by Richard Jones