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Organizations can take advantage of mailing lists

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US businesses may want to take advantage of bulk mailing and bulk mailing lists in order to raise awareness of their company, it has been suggested.

Writing for, Lea Delaney claims that, when done correctly, direct mail has the potential to be more cost effective and targeted than other communication and advertising mediums.

Offering advice to businesses looking to utilize the medium for the first time, Ms Delaney claims that the first thing to do is to create a bulk mailing list.

The expert explains that organizations can build their list in a number of different ways, with the easiest option being to purchase targeted address data from a mailing list provider.

"This can be based on certain factors such as location, business category and annual income," she states.

Presort recently recommended that businesses looking to buy mailing lists only purchased ones which were approved by the United States Postal Services' National Change of Address registry.

The site claims that these will only feature up-to-date and correct address data and will minimize costs incurred through undeliverable and returned mail.

Posted by Richard Jones