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Organizations encouraged to improve 'product experience'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses have been told that to truly optimize the customer experience they must first improve their product experience.

That is according to a recent report, entitled Product Experience: leveraging enterprise product management to enhance the customer experience, from Tribold, which noted that simplifying and managing products in a single enterprise product catalog can deliver enormous benefits.

This includes lowering costs, improving commercial and operational agility and increasing customer satisfaction.

Catherine Michel, Tribold's chief technology officer and co-author of the report, said: "The product experience is what underpins a satisfying customer experience."

She noted that the products are what drive a customer to engage with a service provider, with the diversity and attractiveness of offers and services helping to generate additional revenue.

"The quality and consistency of the use of those products is what keeps the customer loyal," she added.

Two reports released by the Aberdeen Group recently found that 76 per cent of retailers questioned do not possess the relevant technology for carrying out web, catalog or special orders from in-store.

Posted by Richard Jones