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Organizations 'failing to keep on top of data threats'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Research has found that organizations are not keeping a close enough eye on where their data might be vulnerable.

The latest Network Barometer report from Dimension Data revealed that of 270 companies surveyed in 2010, 73 per cent were shown to have at least one data security vulnerability.

This is a substantial increase on the 38 per cent of companies in this situation in the year before.

Matthew Gyde, general manager for Network Integration at Dimension, commented: "It only takes one vulnerability to expose the entire organization to a security breach, so organizations must do much more to protect themselves."

Meanwhile, some firms were found to be unaware of as much as 25 per cent of their networking devices, despite pressure from regulatory bodies and consumers to improve data management techniques.

Around 66 per cent of all devices studied were found to have a risk factor related to PSIRT 109444.