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Organizations must reduce "valueless data

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses can reduce their financial outgoings by cutting down on the amount of "valueless data" which they store, it has been claimed.

Writing for Data Quality Pro, Dylan Jones believes that on average at least half of the information on companies' systems could be cut.

Mr Jones says that by reducing the amount of data stored organizations will be able to recognize significant cost savings "as every item of data incurs modelling, data quality, data mapping, transfer coding and extensive validation".

He explains that the reason behind the excessive growth in data volumes can be put down to the affordable and accessible nature of modern storage, the need for data warehouses to be loaded with data and the lack of an archive strategy.

This can lead to an increase in staffing costs to manage information, additional cooling and infrastructure costs and slower performance, Mr Jones notes.

Meanwhile, the expert recently recommended that organizations try to introduce a data quality culture to tackle problems relating to managing information.

Posted by Richard Jones