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Organizations not planning for increase in m-commerce

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Despite a widespread belief that mobile shopping is set to be one of the largest growth areas in the coming year, an alarming number of firms do not have a strategy in place to address it.

Research conducted by Vanson Bourne on behalf of mobile app provider Kony has found that 42 per cent of retailers believe mobile commerce is already affecting shopping behaviour.

In addition, 89 per cent claim that the mobile platform will be as popular as ecommerce in the future.

However, although many organizations acknowledge the significant impact that mobile shopping will have on the retail industry, less than 20 per cent of those questioned in the study have a mobile strategy in place.

"The results show a significant discrepancy between retailers’ anticipations of the impact of mobile and the strategies that they currently have in place to facilitate this demand," David Eads, head of product marketing at Kony, said.

"It is clear that mobile is already affecting shopping habits and has the potential to overtake e-commerce in the next few years."

Posted by Richard Jones