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Organizations 'still worried' by data quality issues

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data quality remains a major worry for the majority of business and IT teams who lack confidence in the accuracy of their information, it has been claimed.

This was the view projected by Stibo Systems and Datactics at the Data Quality and Integration strategy briefing earlier this month.

According to the firms, many organizations are overloading themselves with information storage systems and as such are suffering in terms of their standards of data quality.

Simon Walker, director of product management at Stibo Systems, explained that an increasing number of firms were having their revenue and customer service negatively influenced by quality issues.

"Research has revealed that 44 per cent of companies use spreadsheets to manage and share product data and 78 per cent of firms have more than five business systems containing product data," he said.

"That's an impossible amount of information to manage successfully using manual efforts."

Earlier this year, research conducted by Thompson Reuters and Lepus found that an increasing amount of organizations would be raising their spending on data quality projects in the future.

Posted by Paul Newton