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Organizations turn to the cloud for cost and flexibility benefits

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Uptake of cloud computing software could be set for rapid growth in 2011, as more companies look to take advantage of the cost saving benefits of the technology.

Added to this, the increased flexibility that it offers organizations will mean that it will become "the top technology priority" for the year.

This is the view of Nathan Marke, chief technology officer at 2e2, who believes that IT departments will view the hosted data management application as an answer to growing financial pressures and the need for more flexible practices.

The comments come after research from the International Data Corporation predicted that spending in the cloud systems management software market will post strong growth of $2.5 billion by 2015.

"Cost pressures have continued to grow while IT departments struggle to increase business agility and cope with the peaks and troughs in demand for applications and services," Mr Marke said.

"Organizations are realising that by using cloud computing models they can gain more flexibility in their cost and skills base, whilst also achieving the scalability for growth, at less cost and with greater flexibility than traditional IT models."

Posted by Richard Jones