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Outsourcers make data management transparent

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Third-party service organizations are increasingly embracing transparency in their data management processes in order to put client minds at ease, it has been revealed.

According to research by professional services firm PwC, the recent spate of high-profile breaches and malicious attacks has led to concern among companies using third-parties for administration or data services.

For this reason, it has become vital for outsourcers to have a transparent approach to the security of the data management systems, with many commissioning independent reports to illustrate that the information in their care is safe.

"Companies are increasingly looking for comfort that the operational activities that they have outsourced, be it transaction processing, logistics management or cloud computing, are being properly controlled," explained Neil Hewitt, partner at PwC.

The US deputy defense secretary William Lynn recently unveiled a new data security strategy for the country, claiming that dependence on cyber space is not matched by protection measures.

Posted by Richard Jones