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Over 21,000 Boulder ballots come back as returned mail

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Many thousands of ballots sent out to voters by the Boulder county clerk and recorder's office in Colorado have been sent back as returned mail, reports the Longmont Times-Call.

The development is indicative of voters moving house but failing to inform the relevant authorities of their change in address data.

Nearly 184,000 people are on the Boulder County registration rolls, while over 13,200 completed ballots had been returned and over 21,700 were sent back as returned mail.

Authorities in Boulder County are responding by contacting the people whose ballots have been returned in a bid to get hold of their valid address data.

People who have not yet received a ballot in the mail but are sure they are registered, or those that have received damaged or defaced ballots, can get new ones by contacting the relevant authorities.

The United States Postal Service has opened a new post office Warren Township, New Jersey, almost doubling its floor space and getting the use of new computerized equipment in the process, reports