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Over-complexity 'a major data center concern'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Increased complexity and the presence of too many applications are among the top data center concern of managers, according to a recent report.

Half of all enterprises claim that the rate of growth of applications means that meeting service level agreements proves difficult and costly, a report by Symantec has found.

In addition, one-third of businesses questioned in the study said that staff productivity was severely hampered by the presence of too many applications as well as the increase in data present in the centers.

These problems are causing several companies to rethink their data management initiatives, with 71 per cent admitting to considering data quality and reduction technologies.

Deepak Mohan, senior vice-president of the Information Management Group at Symantec, said: "Although mid-sized enterprises tend to evaluate and adopt new technologies at a faster rate than larger organizations, they still face similar data center complexities that are compounded by adopting new initiatives.

"Standardizing on cross-platform solutions that can manage new technologies and automate processes will drive immediate cost reduction and make their jobs easier in the long run."

The study also found that mid-sized enterprises were more likely to adopt new technologies such as cloud computing or virtualization than smaller or large firms.