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Pennsylvania address verification partially complete

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A substantial operation to carry out address verification to make emergency responses more efficient in regions of Pennsylvania is almost complete, reports the Ponoco Record.

Streets in Monroe County and Lehman Township that had duplicate names have now been sorted, while identities have been allocated to streets with at least two homes that may have not previously had a name at all and sequential house numbers have also been arranged.

Residents have a year to send out appropriate address data to utility companies and any other third parties who need it, before their old details will cease to be recognized.

Gary Hoffman, director of the Monroe County 911 Control Center, told the paper: "It's a long time coming but it's a very complex and elaborate process. Let's do it one time as opposed to two or three times."

The address standardization process has been designed to avoid confusion when emergency services are responding to calls in the area.

In other news, zip code software will be used to respond to a new 911 emergency text system being introduced in Black Hawk County, Iowa, reports Information Week.