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‘People not tools’ determine the success of data quality initiatives

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data quality initiatives will only ever be successful if the people taking on the challenge are able to work together effectively and towards a single common goal, it has been claimed.

Writing on his OCDQ blog, industry expert Jim Harris explains that there is no magic cure for data quality and the overall responsibility for ensuring that schemes work lies with the practitioners.

The expert stated that data quality tools need to be viewed as “enablers”, providing people with the capacity and capability to solve data-related problems.

“An organization’s data quality initiative can only be successful when people take on the challenge united by collaboration, guided by an effective methodology, and of course, enabled by powerful technology,” Mr Harris wrote.

“By far the most important variable in implementing successful and sustainable data quality improvements is acknowledging [that]: people not tools solve data quality problems.”

According to independent technology research group Ovum, US enterprises are losing out on $700 million annually because of bad data.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler