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Personal communications are 'most effective'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers have been told that if they want to see success from their campaigns they need to make their communications more personal.

Speaking to DM News, Karin Stroh, vice-president of marketing at XMPie, said that the modern media age meant that consumers are bombarded with messages every day.

As such, the expert explained that it was becoming increasingly difficult to make customer-facing communications stand out.

Ms Stoch said that it was important that marketers ensured that customer address data was accurate.

"If you send a personalized piece you want to have the correct information for the correct recipient," she added.

"When a database is received from a customer, it has to be looked at very well. You have to really understand how to make sure the database is clean and effective before you get started."

The news could inspire US organizations to invest in improved data collection and data quality tools to ensure the accuracy of their information.

Posted by Paul Newman