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Personal technology more prevalent in workplaces

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Many workers are using their own personal technology to complete everyday working tasks, it has been revealed.

According to IT research analyst and technology expert Cormac Foster, the number of workers using their own tablets, smartphones and laptops to access work databases is growing quickly.

Writing for, Mr Foster reveals that while there are many benefits to this practise, such as a reduced technology learning curve, a mobilized workforce and higher productivity, allowing access from personal devices can present a problem for data management.

For firms using ZIP Code verification and payment processing software, the dangers can be particularly serious.

"Your company may be legally liable if customer credit card numbers or other personal data is lost or stolen after being transferred to an employee-owned device," Mr Foster said.

According to IMS Research, the already lucrative wireless power components and accessories market is set to explode in the next five years.

Posted Richard Jones