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Personalization 'important' to email marketing campaigns

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Personalized, targeted, relevant and triggered emails are becoming ever more important to organizations hoping to communicate with their customers.

Steve McGrath, of Big Dot Media, has explained that the days of sending one generic email to an entire database are over, as companies look to engage their customers and avoid "worthless" communications.

"An email database should be well segmented so that smaller, more targeted content can be sent to them. An e-mail should contain some personalisation, even if it just says 'Dear ' at the top," Mr McGrath explained in a blog post for

"E-mail campaigns should be more reactive. If a particular trade/industry/global event happens that can be tied in with a brand, then that brand should send a triggered email."

Meanwhile, the expert added that companies should look to take advantage of transactional emails more as they traditionally have a much higher open rate than standard marketing correspondence.

Posted by Paul Newman