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Personalization is a key component of direct mail success

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The ability to communicate directly with customers and personalize content makes direct mail one of the more effective means of communication for marketing professionals, it has been suggested.

According to Advertising Direct Mail, by utilizing the medium organizations are giving themselves an advantage over other professionals.

In addition, the website recommends paying close attention to the packaging of the mailpiece as ensuring that address data is correct helps to present a professional image.

"Another effective way to use the envelope is to get the benefits of your product or service on the envelope," the article notes.

New statistics show that the number of businesses which are using direct mail as a means of communication has risen during 2010.

Recent research from marketing intelligence firm Mintel Comperemedia shows that over six billion direct mail pieces were sent out to US customers in the first four months of 2010.

This figure represents a 16 per cent growth from the 5.3 billion pieces which were received in the fourth quarter of last year, the firm states.

Posted by Richard Jones