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Personalization key when selling business-to-business

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Marketers in the US have been offered advice on targeting direct mail campaigns towards high-level executives.

A report on, has given a selection of tips for businesses to follow if they want to draw their products to the attention of the "C-suite".

The website states that personalization is a key element of any campaign and it becomes even more important when targeting business customers as it has the ability to raise interest levels, as well as "feeding off our curiosity".

Furthermore, time should be taken to think about the dimensions of the mail in relation to the cost of the product.

The article cited recent research by a major US mailer which said that "over 85 per cent of the executives in the study said they would be more likely to open an item if it was especially large [or] odd-sized".

Finally, it recommended that the mail was sent as a Priority package and not just Standard, as this will create an impression of importance.

Recently, MultiChannelMerchant claimed that proper direct mail practices outperformed more modern forms of marketing.