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Personalized mailings increases ad's effectiveness

Rachel Wheeler Archive
When it comes to direct mailings, personalization may be one of the most important elements in creating successful campaigns. A new study by American research firm Neilsen and German advertising agent RAPP showed that personalized mailings were more likely to be opened and acted upon than non-individualized advertisements.

The survey results highlighted the importance of address verification in creating successful campaigns. More than 44 percent of recipients with a personally addressed brochure stated they would investigate the offering further, versus just 36.6 percent of people who read non-individualized mailings. Address verification can help ensure that the campaign reaches the right people.

Not only did personalization create additional interest in an advertising offer, but selecting the proper audience also built better results. Researchers sent the same mailing to two groups of consumers, one that would be interested in the offer and one that would not. As expected, the consumer group made up of potentially interested clients saw a higher response rate than one sent out to the generally uninterested public.

Purchasing mailing lists of specific audience groups can help companies increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. However the information within the list should be verified as a way to control cost and further remove inefficiencies.