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Phishing scams target data management systems

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations need to be aware of spear phishing attacks which could put the security of their data management systems at risk.

Tony Neate, managing director of Get Safe Online, said that many people mistakenly believe that these kind of attacks only target individuals and are unaware of the danger they could potentially pose to companies.

He said that the most common scenario sees firms receive an email purporting to be an invoice when in fact it is a malicious ruse to infiltrate data management systems in order to steal information.

"What we're seeing more with this are more targeted phishing attacks, which are called 'spear phishing'. They actually target an individual domain or a company," Mr Neate explained.

He suggested that organizations that are ignorant of this risk could be putting the information stored in their data management systems in jeopardy.

A popular spear phishing scam targeting UK businesses sends an email telling the recipient they are due a tax rebate and encourages them to click on a link.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler