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Poor data quality can 'disrupt business processes'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The dangers of allowing bad data to creep onto organizations' information systems have been highlighted in an article by

The website highlights the fact that poor data quality can negatively impact on a company's business processes and ultimately cost them money.

Patricia Kennedy, chief executive officer of data quality and governance solutions firm Back Office Associates, told the news provider that companies had to be sure that data was complete and accurate when it was entered onto IT systems.

"When you post it, if it's incomplete, then you run the risk of business process interruption within your supply chain," she explained.

Among the problems that could be caused are an overestimation of customers which could lead to businesses overstocking themselves.

"If you're waiting for IT to come up with some great strategy technically to effect the data quality, then you're pretty much barking up the wrong tree." Ms Kennedy added.

In addition, companies looking to merge their CRM systems have also been warned that they risk data quality issues if they are not careful, Computer World reported.

Posted by Paul Newton