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Poor data quality impacting on business intelligence tools

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Bad quality data is causing organizations problems with their business intelligence projects, it has been claimed.

Software consultancy company De Villiers claims that many companies are not making the most of the business intelligence tools which they have installed.

"There is a lack of data quality, which means companies are not getting the data they want and utilisation and ROI are not what they should be," De Villiers, business intelligence architect Ian James told

"If you put in a business intelligence system costing £3 million, you do not want three people using it."

Indeed, the Business Application Research Center survey into business intelligence confirms the concerns held by De Villiers about poor utilisation and data quality issues.

This year's report highlighted that data quality, rather than query speed, was the main problem faced by business.

Meanwhile, research firm Gartner has estimated that worldwide spending on business intelligence, analytics and performance management software grew four per cent in 2009, compared to 22 per cent in 2008.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler