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Poor security can ruin brand reputation

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The security of data management processes remains a "hot topic" for organizations, it has been claimed.

Dr Akif Khan, director of products and services for CyberSource, said that most companies are worried about data breaches because of the damage the brand will face as a result.

"In fact, an upcoming security report by CyberSource has shown that the primary driver for online retailers to invest in payment security is to protect the brand or revenues [69 per cent] rather than to avoid bank fines [26 per cent]," he claimed.

This is because customer perception and reputation are critical to the success of a business.

He warned that as organizations take advantage of multi-channel retailing, including through cell phones and tablets, they must ensure they have an adequate data security plan in place.

These comments were echoed by Ellen Messmer, senior editor of Network World, writing for the publication, who said that firms cannot afford to be complacent about security.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler