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Postal service turns to advertisers to boost business

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The US Postal Service (USPS) is hoping to rely on its advertising data quality and client base to boost its fortunes.

Off the back of proposing sweeping cuts to its infrastructure which is "no longer financially sustainable", USPS is encouraging marketers to take advantage of its direct mail services, reports Advertising Age.

Changes to the organization's operations are expected to save up to $3 billion a year, but will involve anticipated cuts of 35,000 jobs and revised first-class mail services.

Speaking to Ad Age, American Catalog Mailers Association executive director Hamilton Davison noted that direct marketing has proved less effective online than would have been hoped.

"You can't make me open your email; you can't make me visit your website," he explained. "But if you send me a mail piece, you can compel me to pick that mail piece up and give you a third of a second dwell time."

Posted by Richard Jones