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PR companies expected to compete in data-driven marketplace

Rachel Wheeler Archive
When it comes time to hire a public relations firm, companies may now be looking at whether or not these professionals use data to inform their work, according to The Guardian. Enterprises need to ask themselves if PR teams are using the most advanced methodologies in their practices, which will yield the most effective results.

For instance, the source explains that companies may now be asking if their public relations agencies are taking advantage of the big data trend that has swept the marketing industry, using analytics for real-time insights into the latest consumer developments.

Gone are the days when PR firms would sit around an office sifting through newspapers and print publications and clipping stories that mentioned clients, Business 2 Community points out. In those days, it took days to fax or mail the pitches and receive feedback for approval. However, using new analytics tools, PR teams can sift through information about clients, including their likes and dislikes, that has been verified for data quality. That way, they can move forward sooner and more effectively, pitching smarter stories at the right moment and defining more focused media strategies.