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Predictive analytics offers 'complete solution'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Predictive analytics provides a "complete end-to-end solution" for companies to keep on top of their market.

This is according to Yuval Brisker, co-founder and chief executive of TOA Technologies.

Mr Brisker explained that the technology allows people to know what is going to happen next, when it matters most.

He added that the telecoms industry in particular is "evolving dramatically", so state of the art systems are needed to allow forward-thinking companies to stay on top of their game.

TOA provides a cloud-based system which transforms historical operational data into real-time actionable information.

This can then be used to enable "better planning and management of the field workday".

Three major telecoms companies in the US and Europe have chosen to implement the predictive analytics technology in their own field service operations.

It is hoped that this will help to optimize jobs, integrate time-based capacity management and proactive customer communications, while predicting when an in-house appointment is due to happen and communicating the estimated arrival time to customers.