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Predictive analytics removes guesswork

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Predictive analytics takes the guesswork out of data management, it has been claimed.

Gary Cokins, an internationally-recognized expert, speaker and author in advanced cost management and enterprise performance management systems, writing for the Smart Data Collective, said that through fear or social barriers, companies seem unwilling to part with their current data management technologies.

He added that this is in spite of being aware of their shortcomings.

"Organizations are still relying on intuition and gut feeling, rather than fact-based data, when making decisions," he said.

"The reality, though, is few of us, if any, have training or experience as organizational change management specialists."

Mr Cokins said that rather than relying on instinct, predictive analytics takes out the guesswork and allows businesses to ask high-impact questions of forward-looking data management decisions.

Information Week agreed, suggesting that predictive analytics is a better choice than rules when process decisions involve the consideration of layers of subtitles and variables.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler