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Print marketing 'must evolve to survive'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Print and digital marketing techniques can be employed in conjunction with each other to create an effective marketing campaign, it has been claimed.

According to Liz Love, managing director of Z-CARD Ltd, provided print-based media is able to reinvent itself, it is still a useful tool.

Speaking at a Marketing Excellence for Small Businesses event, the expert noted that augmented reality - which utilizes touch-screen advertizing - could be the perfect solution.

"Paper media is not dead but it does have to innovate and it does have to change," Ms Love confirmed.

"Augmented reality is where print jumps off the page and becomes digital - it's a perfect combination of the two. It is a phenomenal tool and is a great cache for brands."

Meanwhile, the Advertising Direct Mail blog recently claimed that customization was key to the success of print media.

The ability to change the information that you place on mail pieces can be an effective way of progressing a business and building a loyal customer base, it said.

Posted by Richard Jones