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Printing companies who mail should remember CASS

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Printing companies have often looked to mailing services and direct mail to increase their profit margins, it has been claimed.

These firms need to remember to effectively utilize software such as Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) certifications and other ZIP Code validation software in order to maximize their return on investment, according to a report in industry news source Presort.

This is because, with average revenue of seven cents per mailed piece, companies can quickly break even but also quickly lose money through returned mail due to lack of address verification, the news site said.

Remembering simple steps, such as the use of ZIP Code software, can be extremely useful to printing companies who choose to venture down the mailing path.

This is especially true as recent surveys show that 65 per cent of everything that is printed in the US is eventually mailed, meaning that printing companies can create a new and lucrative avenue of profitability.