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Private cloud services favored over public offerings

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Companies will continue to prefer private cloud networks over public systems when looking to update their data management processes this year, an expert suggests.

John Dunn, security editor of Techworld, believes that private cloud networks have proven popular as a way of conveniently and effectively easing the data management burden some companies face.

With public systems, however, Mr Dunn says organizations worry about the standard of technology used and whether there will be any regulatory issues regarding the storage of data on a public cloud system.

"There are security concerns about public clouds as well – what kind of firewall is there between your company assets in the cloud and someone else's?" he went on to add.

Claire Galbois-Alcaix, senior marketing manager at Mozy, recently suggested that as cloud services have given companies the ability to access their data from any location, they have proven to be a significant help in the disaster recovery process.

Posted by Richard Jones