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Private medical records found at wrong address

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A package of confidential medical records and social security numbers sent via UPS to an address on Canterbury Lane in Lawrenceville, Atlanta, ended up at the same street address - only in Fayetteville, it has been revealed.

The parcel was sent by Grady Memorial Hospital and its intended destination was a workers' compensation office in Lawrenceville called MCMC, but it was opened instead by James Howell in Fayetteville, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Hospital spokesman Matt Gove told the news provider that the fault did not lie with the sender.

UPS spokeswoman Susan Rosenburg added: "For whatever reason, it got kicked out of the system. This one got redirected incorrectly. I don’t have more details. That's what we’re investigating right now."

She stated that she would not disclose the postal firm's error rates.

This week, ENC Today reported that a North Carolina court overturned the appeal of Marjorie Dunn, who was found in possession of drugs by police despite their having a warrant with an incorrect address.