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'Proactive' approach must be taken towards data management

Rachel Wheeler Archive

US marketers need to ensure that they are being proactive when it comes to managing their databases, rather than simply reacting to current issues.

Speaking to DM News, David Bernard, managing director of DB Marketing Technologies, explained that many professionals find themselves reacting to issues in place of innovation.

"There are structural issues with the database that are prone to ongoing error. For example, how you manage data collection from customers," Mr Bernard said.

"In a marketing-rich company, the variety of data you collect can be huge. Consistency is important, being able to manage slight changes in these elements is important."

The industry expert went on to suggest that organizations also faced structural issues in terms of managing their databases, with problems relating to staffing and strategy.

Furthermore, Mr Bernard recommended that businesses look to continually improve and audit their systems in order to ensure that accurate and up to date information about customers was being stored.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler