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Product branding could be enhanced using CRM

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Getting a message across to consumers is an important part of any customer relationship management (CRM) campaign, but it is especially crucial during the recession, it has been claimed.

While branding can play a crucial role in a company's success, using direct mail as part of a wider CRM program is also important, provided people know who is talking to them, reports Microsoft.

Ray Jones, head of communications and external affairs for the Chartered Institute of Marketing, has pointed out that keeping customers aware of the name and brand of the business is vital to helping an organization through the recession.

He suggested: "The way for companies to survive is not to reduce prices and risk devaluing itself. The answer, to quote the wartime poster that seems to fit the recession zeitgeist at the moment, is to 'keep calm and carry on'."

Businesses instigating direct mail campaigns should ensure they have strong branding so that consumers are aware of the company and remember it.

However, it is also important that any direct marketing campaign is underpinned by a high standard of address data so that information is targeted at the right people.

Direct marketing is an important tool for businesses during the recession because it can be a cheap way of maintaining contact with customers when fewer are buying goods.