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Protect data management systems from summer brown-outs

Rachel Wheeler Archive
As temperatures rise across the southern states this summer, businesses are once again reminded of the importance of protecting data management systems against brown-outs and power cuts.

Recovery specialists 24 Hour Data warned that these events can wreak havoc on businesses by causing damage to files and hard drives, often resulting in the loss of essential data.

"Black-outs and brown-outs are a part of life in the summer here in Texas and in other parts of the country. But that doesn't mean business or personal computer use needs to stop," explained Sean Wade, 24 Hour Data president and chief executive officer.

He added that recovery is not a do-it-yourself job and businesses need to take steps to ensure their essential information is protected.

Matt Prigge, contributing editor to the InfoWorld Test Center and the systems and network architect for the SymQuest Group, told InfoWorld that it is more often poor communication than lack of preparation behind data recovery failures.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler