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Public agencies can work together to tackle big data

Paul Newman Archive

As social media, cloud computing and mobile devices continue to change operations within the public sector, executives are looking to implement big data projects to make use of the information generated from these technologies. A recent report by Government Technology said agencies need to assess their infrastructure and develop a robust strategy to ensure big data endeavors are carried out efficiently.

Although decision-makers should develop a specific team to emphasize data quality, they should also consider an open initiative, which invites multiple agencies to make use of the same information.

"When governments share data with each other and with outside consumers like developers, researchers and others, it highlights the strategic value that data has and the role it can play in empowering better decision-making," said Philadelphia's chief data officer, Mark Headd. "Open data can be an effective gateway to big data."

The McKinsey Global Institute said big data is the next frontier for innovation in the public sector. By developing a unique strategy, working with other agencies and focusing on quality, federal organizations can improve operations, reduce costs and stay on the cutting edge of technology.