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Public sector organizations look to utilize cloud services

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A growing number of public sector organizations are looking to take advantage of cloud computing services, it has been claimed.

Neil Cross, managing director of software and IT service provider Advanced 365, has explained that many groups are utilizing the technology to save money and gain instant access to a range of high-quality IT services.

"Cloud computing and shared services models are becoming a rapidly maturing option for public sector organizations seeking to gain cost efficiencies and instant access to a range of quality IT services," he said.

"However despite this surge in interest, some organizations are failing to consider whether they are fully equipped to take advantage of these new services and what is the best option for them to choose in order to go about the process."

According to Mr Cross, as the year progresses, outsourcing non-business critical functions such as IT and investing in integrated back-office systems, such as accounting and HR software will become more prominent.

Posted by Richard Jones