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Publisher marketing thrives on good data

Richard Jones Archive
As more industries edge toward a digital distribution and operations model, companies in those fields become more able to harness data. According to Folio contributor Bryan St. John, publishing is going through this shift. Firms can now acquire information about their customers' habits and proclivities related to their products, an opportunity St. John urged leaders in the field to take advantage of.

While there are many ways to measure digital engagement, St. John noted that companies should opt for processes that go beyond simple metrics. Data quality is important, and having a detailed, high-integrity portrait of a customer's interests is far more advantageous than a simple and context-free list of figures.

St. John advocated for the use of engagement data. He stated that publishers will need to negotiate with advertisers on the basis of this information about their customers. If the company cannot or will not present accurate data on its consumer base and their behavior, they could miss out on good contracts.

Marketers and consumer data are connected in several varied ways. Quality, however, is frequently critical. B2B Marketing's Sylvia Jensen recently gave several tips for companies compiling databases of users for sales pitches. She stated that if users in several parts of the organization are inputting data, they must be sure they are using the same conventions.