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Purchased contact lists can introduce data quality problems

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Speed is of the essence in today's business environment, which often means the quickest draw wins customers' hearts and wallet shares. To gain a competitive edge, businesses are taking the necessary steps to expedite their marketing plans. In some cases, this involves purchasing contact lists to quickly grow outreach efforts, according to Business 2 Community. 

Unfortunately, firms may sometimes find that when they buy customers' contact information, their data quality worsens because vendors don't always use address management tools to clear out expired email addresses and misspelled names, the source adds.

To actually achieve better marketing campaign success, businesses may need to use email verification platforms to account for name conventions and entries that contain typos, reports B2B Marketing. 

If marketing teams don't perform these analyses whenever they acquire an influx of people on their contact lists, they might see higher bounce rates and lower open metrics for email campaigns. While one poorly executed effort may seem trivial, it can have long-lasting impacts. ISPs flag senders that appear to be spammers and deem them as less reputable, which might mean customers never see the finely crafted promotional offers because the messages were sent straight to trash folders.