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Purchased email lists often contain poor contact data quality

Paul Newman Archive

Marketing teams may decide to purchase email lists before launching a campaign to quickly and easily increase outreach, according to Business 2 Community. This practice is entering the mainstream as digital advertising continues to proliferate and contact list vendors' reputations improve. That being said, companies that buy email lists must run the names through address management programs or assume the risks of using poor data quality.

Even though purchased email lists are not as taboo as they once were, there is still a general understanding throughout the marketing community that some of those addresses will be out-of-date or incorrect, the source adds.

If expired contacts are not removed before campaigns are launched, businesses could see dismal metrics for efforts that might actually have worked. Upon studying analytics from campaign results, marketing teams might not realize that open rates plummeted because emails were sent to abandoned inboxes and dismiss the initiative as a failure. 

In some cases, using purchased email lists can be a big mistake and render marketing efforts useless, reports MarketingProfs. Many consumers don't want to receive offers from companies if they haven't opted-in. Sending unwilling individuals notices of upcoming sales is not likely to generate revenue and might actual sour relationships with potential buyers.