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QR codes 'do not add to effectiveness of address data'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Posted by Richard Jones

The inclusion of quick response (QR) codes in mail shots does not increase the effective use of address data, an expert has suggested.
Tim Dunn, writing for Econsultancy, has questioned whether the codes – which can be scanned to bring readers to the company's webpage – are actually useful to customers.
He said that the process has several steps above-and-beyond what a person would need to do to manually access the sender's webpage.
Mr Dunn added that many firms which have attempted to use this technology have also failed in its implementation, adding unnecessary steps that slow the process down further.
He claimed: "If you're going to take a punt on a new response technique, you should probably at least get the basics right, and, as in all things, think about the user journey along the way."
Manthan Systems recently claimed that other mobile apps are an essential part of retaining customer loyalty for retail businesses.