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Quality is the key to data management success

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A major cause of failure in master data management systems is problems with data integrity, as well as a lack of data governance and executive support, it has been claimed.

Michael Sharpe, an enterprise architect at Fusion PPT, a technology and management consulting firm, said that it is essential to address data quality issues prior to the implementation of a master data management system, Information Week reported.

The key to doing this is to define what quality means to each organization.

"For some companies, quality may simply be meeting customer expectations, while in another, quality relates to the number of defects. What's important is that desired data traits are defined and measurable," Mr Sharpe told the source.

He added that while master data management can be costly, using a virtual system can save money by having the same effect without the hassle of moving data.

New research from Robert Half Technology revealed that around ten per cent of IT staff are concerned about how they will keep pace with new developments.

Posted by Richard Jones