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Reaching younger demographics through mobile marketing

Rachel Wheeler Archive
No age group has embraced mobile technology as thoroughly as the millennial generation. This demographic has had cellphones almost their entire lives and use them extensively for communication, social media and online purchases.

Reaching this group of consumers can help build brand loyalty that can drive growth for decades. Sustaining a high level of brand recognition among young customers is dependent on data quality. The abundance of mobile devices used by the age group allows companies to create personalized campaigns. The information and shopping patterns of the individuals can be used to make strong offers they will truly be interested in.

Mobile campaigns can be made more effective by supporting them through other marketing channels. The ability to access email on smartphones means that mobile marketing does not have to rely on text messages alone. Longer, more informative offers can be sent to an individual's email account and accomplish similar results. Email validation can help companies ensure that their messages are reaching the right person. With the personalization of the mobile marketing approach, accurate data becomes incredibly important. Reaching the wrong consumer or having an incorrect address will waste time and money.