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Rediscover the 'quiet of mail'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The United States Postal Service (USPS) has asked consumers to rediscover the quiet delight of penning letters rather than texts or emails.

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, lovers in the US are being reminded of the romantic impact of a letter to a loved one, especially in the modern age of everyone in society being "'Wi-Fi-ed' and 'GPS'd' 24-7".

A spokesperson for USPSĀ® said: "Letters help make moments special. Joys are recorded, shared and savored. Problems fade, or at least gain perspective, when they are written down and shared with family or friends by mail. When you sit down to write a friend, you are never alone.

"Taking the time to write a letter says so much to the recipient. And when flowers have wilted, chocolates have turned to unwanted pounds, IMs and emails have been deleted, and phone conversations have been forgotten, letters of love and messages of comfort and consolation remain, to be read and appreciated over and over again."

Customers were also invited to visit USPS's online store, where personalized Valentines cards are available.