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Regular website tech updates are 'vital to business'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations who fail to regularly update and change their website technology face falling behind and going out of business, it has been claimed.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Rob Enderle, of technology consultancy firm Enderle Group, highlighted the importance of making changes to a company's online presence.

However, Mr Enderle conceded that making extensive changes to website technology is one of the most "difficult and dreaded" things that an organization can do.

"The benefits are fuzzy and the risks are very real. Yet you have to do it. If you don't, you fall behind and you go out of business," he told the news provider.

His comments come after it was revealed that eBay is planning to undergo a major overhaul to how it allows its customers to find and buy products on its site.

The move comes as a result of the major technology gap that is opening up between it and its rivals, such as Amazon.

Posted by Richard Jones